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Considering Robotic Prostatectomy? – this is a much watch video

Prasanna Sooriakumaran Consultant Urological Surgeon

Professor Chris Eden
Consultant Urological Surgeon
RETIRED from Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust Guildford
Now works only at the HCA London Bridge private Hospital

Why consider a Robot Assisted Prostatectomy (RALP)?

Given the prostate cancer has not spread outside the prostate, the big advantage of RALP is that once the prostate has been removed, you can be confident that the cancer will not reoccur. It is the only treatment that can offer this outcome with certainty.

So what is the problem?

Lots of men, especially relatively younger men, have concerns about potential side effects, namely:

  • Loss of erectile function
  • Incontinence
  • Sometimes fertility is also an issue.

After surgery, all men will experience loss of ejaculate, because the organ responsible for ejaculate has been removed. Orgasm quality can also be adversely affected in some men. Erectile dysfunction is immediate and recovery from it is slow, taking on average up to 24 months and may never return. Erectile dysfunction (post RP ED) can be a major postoperative complication with a great impact on the quality of life for younger  patients especially.

As to incontinence, leaking urine may prove an unpleasant surprise after prostatectomy. But the good news is that most men do regain bladder control after prostatectomy. It typically takes six to 12 months to regain complete control.Some men suffer the problem long term.

What is the solution?

In this video I discuss in detail what can be done to minimise these problem side effects.

These are a combination of

  • Being operated on by a very experienced surgeon
  • The Retzius technique
  • The Neuro Safe technique

I believe you will find the video interesting and should give you good guidance in choosing a surgeon

Click the SANTIS image below to view the video.

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