Prostate matters is a not for profit organisation committed to providing free information about prostate issues from leading Clinical Authorities.

Where to access Chemotherapy for prostate cancer

All NHS Trusts throughout the country that treat advanced prostate cancer can provide Chemotherapy for their patients, so where to get chemotherapy  for prostate cancer is not a problem though types of chemotherapy offered may differ from hospital to hospital.

Most NHS Trusts provide a list of Medical Oncology Consultants. You can google each of then to decide who you would prefer to be referred to.

Private treatment

Chemotherapy is also available from the private wings of some large NHS teaching hospitals and and several large private hospitals.

There are several private cancer centres run by GenesisCare as well as those run by the Rutherford Centres with Medical Oncologists providing Chemotherapy

The website page Where to access private non surgical Prostate cancer treatments provides information on these centres and the Consultant Oncologists who practice at them.

You can click the button below to access the page.

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Prostate matters is a not for profit organisation that is committed to providing free expert advice about prostate issues from leading Clinical  Authorities

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