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Prostate matters is a not for profit organisation committed to providing free information about prostate issues from leading Clinical Authorities

Surgeons who offer both Focal therapy and radical prostatectomy

We are currently only aware of three surgeons who offer both treatments.

Marc Laniado being the only one who offer Retzius and nerve sparing Robotic Prostatectomy (RALP).

London & South East

Professor Mark Emberton

Mr Marc Laniado
Consultant Urological Surgeon
Royal Berkshire Hospital Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Note: Only a private service in London

He offers RALP at the Royal Berks

London & South West


Professor Raj Persad
Consultant Urological Surgeon
Southmead Hospital
North Bristol NHS Trust

Note: Currently HIFU is only available privately in the SW and South Wales and at HCA Harley Street Clinic and Diagnostics Centre and Princess Grace Hospital

Robotic prostatectomy only available at Southmead Hospital

London and South


Mr Tim Dudderidge
Consultant Urological Surgeon
Southampton General Hospital
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Only HIFU offered in London

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Prostate matters is a not for profit organisation that is committed to providing free expert advice about prostate issues from leading Clinical  Authorities


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